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Why engli works

Learning a language is not always easy. It requires time and effort – valuable time and effort.nAnd if you aren’t able to attend a school, or join a course, it requires high levels of self-motivation.

At engli, we know all that.

We know that when our users are motivated they learn better & smarter. In short, they learn more.

That’s why at engli we don’t tell our users what they have to learn. We don’t force our users into a course with topics they just aren’t interested in. We don’t dictate when our users should study or how much they have to study.

We let our users choose.

We let our users choose based on their goals, on their interests, on their language learning needs. Whether it’s clubbing in Tokyo, startups in Vancouver, or football stadiums in Madrid – whatever your interest, we have lessons for you.

So whether you need to learn English for work, for play, for travel, or for fun, we have lessons for you. And as each lesson is self-contained, you can create your own combinations. Our users can follow a Level 01 lesson on brunch in New York, with a lesson on transport in Hong Kong.

And having made the choice, we at engli help motivate our users by providing lessons with natural audio, engaging videos, and stunning images. By choosing topics we know are relevant to our users. By providing local language support, and badges on completion. By giving users access to blogs and forums, to interact with other engli users.

At engli, our users learn because they are in control of their own learning.

This is the engli way.

This is your shortcut to english.

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